Postdoctoral Scholars

I am broadly interested in microbial physiology, metabolic diversity, and understanding the mechanisms of extracellular electron transfer driven microbial processes and their ecological and evolutionary implications. Currently, my work is focused on characterizing cytochrome c biogenesis in Archaea and understanding the role of multiheme cytochrome c in direct interspecies electron transfer between Archaea and its syntrophic bacteria.

Dr. Dinesh Gupta (he/him)

Email: guptadineshATberkeley DOTedu

Postdoctoral Scholar
November 2020-present

Ph.D., Plant and Microbial Biosciences, Washington University in St. Louis
M.S., Biology, California State University Northridge
B.S., Microbiology, Tribhuvan University, Nepal

I am broadly interested in studying metabolic enzymes from microbes and their impact on the environment and in the geological record. My PhD research focused on developing methods to visualize lipid biomarkers using antibodies, as well as to detect the field activity of microbial enzymes that promote calcium carbonate precipitation. My current research focuses on understanding the signal transduction pathways involved in sensing methylated compounds in methanogenic archaea.

Dr. Fernando Medina Ferrer (he/him)

Email: medinaferrerATberkeley DOTedu

Postdoctoral Scholar
March 2021-present

Ph.D., Earth Sciences-Geobiology. University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, USA.
M.S., Geology, University of Chile, Santiago.
M.S., Biochemistry, University of Chile, Santiago.
B.S., Biochemistry, University of Chile, Santiago.

I am interested in understanding the evolution of energy metabolism in microbes at multiple scales, from the interactions of organisms with their physical environment down to the modifications of individual bioenergetic protein complexes. I focus on organisms that are important sources and sinks of methane on Earth. Much of my previous work was conducted on uncultured organisms in complex environments, allowing us to understand broadly which biogeochemical processes are carried out by which organisms. My work in the Nayak lab at UC Berkeley will focus on the genetic manipulation and physiological studies to produce more mechanistic understanding of energy metabolism in understudied organisms within the Archaea.

Dr. Grayson Chadwick (he/him)

Email: chadwickATberkeley DOTedu

Miller Postdoctoral Scholar
August 2020-present

Ph.D., Geobiology, California Institute of Technology
B.S. with honors, Biology, California Institute of Technology

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